Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Photos of fall

A few weeks ago, Nerd's Eye View sent me to a super recipe for plum dumplings over at Mausi. When my plum supply was replenished (it is the year of the plum, I'm told) we ate many many many until C was sick of the sight of them. When I came home from work one day, I found a plum dumpling surprise awaiting us, thanks to a long nap and a very kind babysitter! C had no problem eating these. We rolled them in breadcrumbs and powdered sugar and they were very good. But I still want to try the German recipe for comparison.

Our courtyard - the new Vermont for seasonal foilage tours?
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Pam said...

Nice job on the remodeling! Looks pretty!

Dawn said...

Lovely pics, Julia! You're making me homesick for Prague!! Keep in touch.

Dana said...

I LOVE plum dumplings! Just couldn't overcome my laziness to make them this year. And now it seems the plums are pretty much gone.