Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Why red lint may contribute to heart disease

Imagine a kitchen cabinet – drawer extended to allow maximum archeological exploration (a twist tie, amazing!!), drawer forgotten in chaos of morning. Imagine explorer turned into harbor seal zooming around circus course of kitchen, hallway, bedroom. Seal meets drawer, turns from barking pinniped to crying child.

Promises of ice assuage. Stated booboo location moves from nose to chin (both unbruised but kisses needed) . Mother assumes worst is over, prepares to close drawer, icebox, chapter and resume chaos reduction efforts. Then - red crevice appears - near the eye, on the temple of the explorer seal crying child, guilt overwhelms and heart stops in fabled location near top of esophagus.

Deep breath...and crevice turns to lint, blown away. With intro of oxygen, heart resumes work, assumes fierce dislike of red clothing. Head thinks, lucky lucky us. And we go back to our day.

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