Monday, June 06, 2005

What it takes to exit house and enter rental car with 2 year old

1. 45 minutes to put above child in diapers. 3 minutes for dress, socks, shoes and hat.
2. 5 minutes (or less) for own preparation, this includes breakfast.
3. One pair of arms to carry car seat (beautifully safe, extraordinarily heavy) to street.
4. Another pair to elbow nudge child out of door, while wielding stroller (empty of course).
5. Good knees for 62 step descent to street, while balancing child and stroller as they alternatively lunge from one step to another.
6. Ability to distract child (desperate to crawl into car seat and offended by father’s attempts to remember how said seat fits into car) while loading “collapsible“ stroller into trunk designed for one bag of groceries and a bottle or two of beer.
7. Sense of humor when you realize that you have remembered to bring backpack with diapers, sippy cup, pretzels and Dr. Seuss, but forgotten your own sunglasses and breakfast bar (to make up for 15 second sip of tea – see 2.).

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Matthew Gertner said...

And people have kids... why exactly? :-)

Julia said...

I know, it's crazy. But so worth it when (for example) you are actually in the car and she leans over, grabs your hand and puts it to her cheek.