Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hark! the shrill trumpet sounds horse, away!*

Or to Germany rather. We're heading to the North tomorrow to visit friends and catch a blues show. Requisite stops include a toy store (C is very excited) and the biggest book store we can find (for me). I've never been to Essen before so the camera is well charged and I'm hoping the sun will make an appearance. I'll take a few for you!

*Egregious quote, presented solely to tie picture in with subject matter. The photo is yet another picture from our walk last weekend (I know I know, I'm flogging that hike to death, but trust me you'd rather see the castle than yet another picture of the odd roof-top lake outside my window - even though it DID have ice on it today. Very exciting.)


Ellen said...

One of the cleverest of photos - without a shadow of a doubt.

Roderick Robinson said...

But one trumpet remains unblown - the one you are going to buy.

Re. The poetry aid bit. What's more the new link worked. So only the suggestion of help was needed. Two verses to go.

Anonymous said...

Awesome picture!

eurolush said...

Germany! You're so close...and yet, so far away.

Hope you had a fun visit to Essen!

Can't wait to hear all about it.

Eleanor said...

I miss you already.

Julia said...

Ee - Very punny. I thought you might like this one.

BB - The trumpet search continues apace, looking forward to reading the poem, isn't it funny how useful nudges can be? (A good reminder of the importance of editors).

Jen - thanks! I took this picture in one of the castle's lanes. The light was so delicious that afternoon I nearly forgot the children.

EL - Germany reminds me of that little kids' ditty, "how big is Germany?" "SOO BIG!" Pictures to come as soon as I unearth my camera.

Eleanor - back already! And with mining pictures to show off!

deedee said...

I like the photo :) I hope you found lots of books.