Sunday, September 04, 2005

With children, good and bad days are not hard to tell apart. Yesterday Caroline woke up crying, and she fussed all day. Today she woke up happy and pretty much stayed that way, despite a brief dip into sorrow when her nap ended too early (OH NO I heard from her room as she groaned in disbelief that she was awake). She could only be consoled by watching tv while sitting with my arms wrapped around her just right. I was supposed to be making a salad for dinner tonight, but when she asks me so clearly to hold onto her, I can’t resist.

I’m going to Bratislava tomorrow and I wanted to sing as many songs for her as I could, kiss her on the cheek as many times as I could sneak in. Tonight she went to bed tired after playing with friends all day, but she held onto my hand through the crib bars and asked me to sing for her just one more. Sing “Liddle boydee” she commanded. Sing “Sleep sleep”. She turned her face to look up into mine as I sang. My voice wasn’t very strong as I was singing while bent double over a crib railing, but she didn’t seem to mind, and joined in for both songs until the end, when I said, “night night baby, love you” and she said “wuv you” and turned to sleep.

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