Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Tut tut it looks like rain

If I ever need an accurate forecast for my weather the next day, I call up Ellen in Zurich and ask her to look out the window and describe what she sees. Sunday (a beautifully sunny day here) Ellen told me it was gray and rainy at her end of the line. Sure enough Monday dawned wet. Now isn't that better than CNN? And Swiss weather just feels fancier.

Anyway, we didn’t mind, as it was Monday and Caroline likes the rain. It means we pull out the umbrellas and leave them to dry after an outing. That’s when she steps into my boots and starts glide stomping through the kitchen hallway wielding an umbrella ala Mary Poppins. Dangerous for the belly button or any thing else that might come in her way, so I send her to our room to look in the mirror and admire herself and her umbrella and sing „tut tut, tut tut“ (it looks like rain).

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