Tuesday, May 20, 2008

First Walks and Prague Windows

When we took our first walk with baby, I hoped I'd feel more like the girl in the window, and less like the lion...but first walks are first walks. Caroline wept copiously, the baby decided he didn't like pacifiers (he still doesn't) and we kept remembering baby necessities we'd forgotten. Add stitches and benches designed only for the sturdy and it wasn't the most comfortable of outings, but we all survived, and Caroline promised that never again would she leave her bicycle at home when we go out biking on the playground. And not only did I enjoy my first beer of the year - a small beer, very healthy - but I also found the window/door design of lass and leo that seemed just right for the day.

Two weeks later I'm happy to say that we're much more adept at getting out and about, and have in fact just returned from registering J at the US embassy as a citizen (before today, he was a baby without a country). No one tsked at us on the tram for taking a new baby out, we didn't forget anything, and all squalls waited until we reached home.

Safely inside our flat, the baby cried his heart out on my shoulder. Will made coffee and handed me a toasted chicken sandwich and sticky bun for sustenance and I decided that if a fussy baby is in our cards, if he has the grace to sleep through beauracracy and public transportation, if coffee and cinnamon buns are available on occasion, well then, well.

I'm keeping my lion in reserve though. He's still much more like me than the dainty Dresdener lass.


Jess said...

I love the lion. He's trying to look fierce, but he's really about to burst into tears.

Anonymous said...

I like them both! And I've been reading Prague guidebooks this evening!

Kelly said...

I wonder if J was unhappy about your country of choice for him? :)

Julia said...

He seemed not to mind which country as long as he had his 11ses, lunch, after lunch snack and 2 o'clock nibble.

I love the lion too, he reminds me of another, more famous Prague lion I'll try to write about soon.

Liz - let me know if I can help in any way with your plans! My yahoo email is juliaprague.

Lucy said...

Oh poor baby without a country!

Wishing you good heart and many cinnamon buns...