Sunday, May 11, 2008

Baby, it's a zoo out there!

The view from my hospital window couldn't be beat, especially when we had animal visitors.

Just behind the maternity hospital stands Kunratický les, one of the biggest forests in the middle Czech region. Two herds of goats patrol the park and come by the hospital twice a day to graze on the trees and the grass.

This photo shows a few of the goats from the female herd. Much more mild mannered than the stag herd, they will even come up to a visitor and eat out of your hand. The stags were more jittery, making it harder to get a good picture of them, but they all sported impressive horns in various states of curliness.


Lucy said...

How lovely! So much nicer a view than the concrete wall opposite or the hospital incinerator or some such, Makes one think of bambi and other such tender and sweet things.

Hope you and the wee one, and the rest of the family, are doing well.

Julia said...

The view was really super, and I was lucky enough to be there the week the cherry trees bloomed. The goats I've known for years, but it was still fun to show them off to friends when they stopped by to visit.