Monday, April 14, 2008

A salad is whatever you want it to be

I'm not tremendously mobile right now, but I do try to get outside briefly every day. Today's walk was inspired by a recipe in Gourmet, and modified by Prague and pregnancy. I've posted my version of the recipe below:

Octopus Salad

The night before
Receive latest copy of Gourmet. Flip quickly past nearly all food in magazine due to its heavy meat and pasta orientation. Discover photo shoot of exceptionally beautiful octopus salad. Decide said salad is a nutritional necessity for sustaining life while pregnant. Eat several sticks of celery to compensate for saladless evening.

Day of salad
Contemplate octopus sources in Prague. Rule out nearby aquarium as too pacifist and fish store downtown as too far. Recall Greek deli nearby!

Slowly proceed toward deli. Soak up sun while walking. Since pace is so snail-like, notice an unvisited electronics store. Unnerve shop keeper by expressing interest in voltage meters.* Mollify his sensibilities by purchasing glue gun and glue sticks instead. Continue to Greek store.

Purchase marinated octopus and other essentials (greek yogurt with honey is an essential).

Return home, keeping on the sunny side.

Chop up octopus (save out one tentacle), add chopped bits to salad bowl.

Chop carrots, celery and parsley, add to salad. Pour a lemon’s worth of juice and the marinated oil from the octopus container over the salad. Stir and salt to taste.

Share tentacle with Caroline and babysitter when they return from playground. Give babysitter a mountain of credit for bravely smiling throughout taste test.

Encourage salad to marinate by itself until dinner, request Caroline follow salad's lead.

Serve salad with toasted pita bread, grape leaves, and eggplant spread.

Delicious. Nutritional crisis averted. Time for the yogurt!

*We have electronic issues in our flat that cause light bulbs to live short lives. I want to know why.

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