Thursday, April 24, 2008

"At least they didn't shoot out the window this time"*

Two in the morning, we woke up to our downstairs neighbors giggling in the hallway while they tried to fit key to door and stumble into their flat. I heard the clink clink of vodka glasses and then the loudest fellow, in a rush of enthusiasm, flung himself onto his balcony and started to bellow. No one answered, and after a few more romantically sobbing rants, he came inside, his friends settled him down and the party turned up its music as loud as it could go. Ukrainian turbo pop, meet the rest of the world. Do check out the purple pants suit in the sample below:

Glassy-eyed and on edge from an overdose of synthesized flute music set to an oompa beat, I woke at six and steeled myself for our neighborly construction workers to start their day. No sound came. An hour later, still no creak creak crashes. We opened the windows, checked again for their tell-tale beany hats and realized the date of today.

Ukrainian Pascha has just begun. The construction workers (almost all from the Ukraine) are on holiday. So are our neighbors. We figure we’re in for a weekend of late night celebrating, but if it means we can sleep late for three days, that’s one trade off I’m willing to take.

* Quote from Will, on the increasing regard for safety our neighbors display as they grow older.


Lucy said...

Hello Julia, thanks for your visit to mine. This looks like a real treasure; this story really made me smile, not least the romantically sobbing rants and Ukrainian turbo pop! Also enjoyed the octopus salad post.

I'll put you on my feeds and come again.

Kelly said...

Oh my gosh, how completely and utterly disturbing! But if it keeps up at least you'll have entertainment for your middle of the night feedings :) How's that for a silver lining??

Julia said...

Our neighbors really only celebrate like this on major holidays like New Years and Easter, so I'm not too worried. Plus I know that we'll be keeping them up shortly with those late night awakenings ;-).

Did you see the purple pants suit in the video by the way? Made me fall over laughing this morning, but it might have been the sleep deprivation.

Lucy, thanks for stopping by!

jessmonster said...

*I* want three days off for Pascha! Too bad I don't work for Ukrainians...I always have to finagle time off because I've run out of vacation days by this time of year.

I'm kind of frightened to play that video. But curiosity may win out.

Julia said...

A dearth of vacation days in the States is one of the reasons I enjoy living here so much ;-). By the way Jess, it was thanks to reading your blog and remembering it was Pascha that I was able to guess the reasons behind the partying/missing neighbors!

eurolush said...


Thanks for sharing the awesomely- horrific Ukranian turbo pop.

Doesn't get any better than that, friends.

Glad to have found your blog...look forward to reading more.

Julia said...

It is awesomely horrific - the guy just looks so pleased with himself doesn't he? And the models in the solemn in their state of twigginess ;-).

jessmonster said...

It's not so much about the days off (although that would be nice, too) but about not having to explain WHY.

Funny that I inspired your interpretation of what happened!

I watched the video. I couldn't look away. Loved the shots of the middle aged audience members clapping along.