Sunday, July 30, 2006

Hello Garfield

Caroline is an affectionate person, to a certain point. At night when I put her to bed she’ll hook her arms around my neck and not let go, coercing me to lie next to her for just a little bit. It is hard to resist that hook, since so often these days she spends her time practicing to be twelve, scowling at me and telling us vigorously to shhh when we say something distasteful to her (as in, just about anything she didn’t think of herself). So the hook works, and she can keep me for that little bit, until her delight turns to wiggles and she starts poking and prodding, or (if she’s feeling particularly silly) licking my glasses. But while she’s physically demonstrative, she’s not much for saying I love you, and has come up with her own version of the last bit of my good night ritual, when I say I love you, and she says hello garfield.

Helloo Garfield.

It took me a week or two to figure out this Garfield business, and it wasn't until tonight, lying beside her while we sang our good night songs and enjoyed the end of a fine weekend, that I realized what had happened. When I said I love you, she used to mumble I luv you or even I guv you. Then one night she switched to I Garfield, then to Hi Garfield. Tonight, perhaps inevitably, she decided on Hello Garfield. As a teenage three year old I guess she thought that even the cool kids couldn’t figure that one out, should she slip up and say it on the playground one day.


tuckova said...

I'm seeing "Hello Kitty" in a whole new light now.

Ellen said...

Have you tried saying "Hello Garfield" back as one signal man to the other?

Karla said...

I am dumbfounded (but not sure why). Still, maybe she is channeling the defunct president rather than greeting the cartoon cat?

Julia said...

Garfield is one of her heroes, thanks to the movie. I think she likes him so much because they are nearly the same size and yet he gets so much done. She certainly likes to pretend to dance like him.

If I say "Hello Garfield" back to her she dissolves into giggles until I correct myself.