Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Hair cuttery - don't try this at home

Caroline’s hairdo is currently suffering from parental pride, or hubris, if you'd rather. Because, though not Olympian in extent, our overconfidence in our abilities to cut hair have resulted in a toddler with bangs that define uneven.

My line (and this time, I’m sticking to it) is that all would have gone straight, if not horizontal, had the father of the household persisted in his job of keeping the daughter’s chin up. But like anyone who has to watch someone else do a thing slowly (fish the last olive from a long glass jar, untangle a knot) Will as watcher decided that if he could just get his hands on those scissors, he’d be able to get the job done with efficiency and considerably less squirming and squeaking by C and myself. Five minutes later and much hair cut at vertical angles, he handed over the scissors again for a little clean up work.

The result of our three tries? Bangs with three distinct slices upwards and a fringe of unevenness that quite closely resembles the fuzzy mop on the clown we saw last week.

But as Will says, at least the hair isn’t in her eyes anymore!

Update: our babysitter decided to redeem C’s bangs before she took her to the theater today. It is now on a much more even keel.

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Chris said...

It's a little scary getting your hair cut when living abroad! I was a little unsure of my ability to communicate how exactly I wanted it done in Spanish, so I also did it myself, but with an electric razor. Ever since, friends keep pointing out little uneven spots, and in one embarassing moment, a kind of Samurai topnot on my crown. Whoops...

And thanks for checking out my blog and offering the Red Robot name. We'll see if that wins! And the historical fact is awesome. I'm going to keep checking out yours as well, it seems great.