Monday, November 11, 2013

St. Martin's Day Parade

Candles burned bright as we walked our lampiony through the streets of Vinohrady to Jiriho z Podebrad and the St. Martin's celebrations there tonight. James carried his own lantern for the first time, and, though he kept fast hold of our hands, was as quick to look for his friends as Caroline, this year.


Roderick Robinson said...

So who is St Martin? I Googled and got St Martin of Tours. Although he was "attacked by the malady which ended his life" (in AD 400) he lived until about 81 so that's not too bad. He evinced "until the last that exemplary spirit of humility and mortification which he had ever shown". Travelled a lot.

Glad to see J getting to take part. Soon it will belanguages and atonalism. Was he allowed to let go of the lampiony and see it float away? Spoil sports have greatly limited that sort of thing in the UK, various structures having been incinerated from this source.

Julia said...

St. Martin rides in on his white horse on November 11 each year, bringing winter snows and frosts. He's also (apparently) a fan of wine, or at least wine growers around the country would have us believe so, and at 11:11 on the 11th of November, there is often a big to do and the new wine of the year is opened and tasted.

We didn't let the lampiony go (though we've seen it happen in the past). Last year a warehouse burnt down outside of town so I think people are a bit more cautious these days here as well!

Lucy said...

Looks magical!

Paola said...

Nice. Even here St. Martin's day is considered a crucial date for the wine.