Monday, September 03, 2012

A New Year (and the First Day of School)

James gave his teacher a big hug before running to play this morning, and Caroline told me that walking into her old classroom, with her friends and her teacher waiting for her, felt a little like coming home. It’s been a long summer apparently!

1) James eats breakfast with his jacket on so that he really is the first person all ready to go.
2) The rush to the door.
3) C models her first day of school outfit.
4) Who can grimace more during an official picture? Always a question!
5) Caroline didn't want to forget to tell her teacher all the fun things she'd done this summer, so she wrote her a letter this morning after breakfast. Which inspired me, in turn, to post a note of my own on Kolo. It's been too long.


Lorenzo da Ponte said...

Oh, the hair (ever a centre of interest with me). Proof of beckoning adulthood. Perhaps you could get her to fill in the gaps in Kolo, etc (for which I realise I've never sought a translation).

A week ago I was trawling the blog of someone quite remote, but whom we used to share, and there was a brief reference to a comment from you. But I couldn't tell whether it referred to 2012 or 2011.

Here's a sort of preface/foreword/acknowledgement page from Gorgon Times, presently being made available by Amazon.

Gorgon Times
A working brief
The chances are you have a job; the chances are it isn’t the sort of job that figures in novels. Unless, of course, you're a policeman, an art gallery employee, an academic, or – Lord help us – a writer. Book jobs are a tight little world.

I believe we are defined by our jobs but since most of us don't chase rapists, moon about Lucian Freud, deconstruct Derrida or overcome authorial block we rarely see our lives mirrored in fiction. Gorgon Times was written with most of us in mind.

Gorgon Times was also written in parallel with a blog, Works Well, which attempted to enliven what I call technology. Works Well took the line that a gearbox, described intelligently, can match a Brancusi. Occasionally I posted details about my progress with the MS and several readers responded with encouragement and help.

I owe special thanks to:

Read/re-read the MS; saved my bacon many times over.

Created Kylie to the last scissor-snip; handed her to me on a plate.

The Crow
Discussed the nature of being a woman.

Taught me verse-writing.

Veronica Bore the absences, prepared the meals, shared the mu-sic.

Julia said...

Gorgon Times is winging its way to my Kindle as I type. Thank you for the thanks, but you know you had verse writing in you from the get go.

After a summer of traveling and lots of work, I'm hoping to slip back into the blog world and be a better commenter and poster, or at least a commenter. I've missed that side of my life too much!

tuckova said...

Yay! I am always delighted by your pictures and words.

meredith said...

They look ready to go! As I type, my girls are trying on potential back-to-school outfits. One starts this afternoon and the other tomorrow morning.
I hope you get back to blogging a little more about life in your corner of the world :)

Lucy said...

Gosh yes, it has; they look almost ready to head off to university, never mind school.

Lovely atmospheric pictures and words, lovely to have you back!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

That's always a good sign when a kid says it's like returning home when they go to school! Adore the little guy eating in his jacket.