Wednesday, March 09, 2011


Pictures from last winter, before James renounced his pacifier, and after he discovered the pleasures of dressing up!


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Boys should wear capes as long as possible. I have an eleven year old willing to don one when no one else is around.

Eleanor said...

Reminds me of a photo I have of Master CB posing with a pink tutu and pacifier. Makes me miss my sweet little boy (he's now taller than me and hardly ever plays dress-ups). Sigh.

Julia said...

GG - I agree, capes are fabulous! James fashioned this particular outfit out of the top of one of their Ikea toy baskets. It's hard to tell, but the top is a flower that handily bends when asked to.

Eleanor - Oddly C has not yet persuaded James to dress up in a tutu but I'll remind her that she should before he gets taller than she is and it is too late!

Barrett Bonden said...

James appears to be kneeling. Not in prayer, I assume, but in preparation for being doffed (Wrong verb, I fear. Can't recall the exact one.) a knight. The Queen performs the ceremony over here and it's cheering to discover that quite a few of those doffed are now in jail. Despite his youth James has all the appropriate gravitas and I'm sure he has gone on to become a shining knight (ie, the sort that stays out of jail). At what age will you feel it necessary to tell him about his knightly obligations, notably saving damsels in distress? Dragon-slaying is out, by the way, they've become a protected species. When he's older still you can tell him that being a knight is not all hard graft, as a (carefully expurgated) version of the Lancelot story proves. I have some dim memory that knights and Czech go together but I fear it remains dim. I was never fated to be a knight - serf was more my mark. Rising to esquire in the autumn of my years.

Barrett Bonden said...

For doffed read dubbed.

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