Saturday, April 10, 2010

Winter's come and gone?

I left you in deep midwinter, full of promises of more pictures to come. I rarely apologize for not hanging about but this time I feel I owe you at least a quick catch up.

So, work work work, no time for photography, work work work and of course children. Does that sum it up?


Then how about some pictures.
(1) About a month ago, the snow in Prague began to melt, and even the drifts disappeared finally.
(2) Signs of spring began to abound, along with odd Easter trappings.
(3) So warm was it, we started to hang out in restaurant gardens, and
(4) James discovered shades.
(5) Prague stayed gray, but warmed up enough for us to take weekend walks across the river.
(6) After three months of working till midnight nonstop, it was time for a holiday. Easter break found us headed to Switzerland to meet up with my sister and her family. After trying to drive over a Swiss mountain pass in a snowstorm, we turned around and made the trip through the mountains on a car train instead. Highly recommended, magical (says me), just the right bit scary (says C). Will slept through the whole ride.
(7) The winter ends with a great milestone passed - C learns to ski in Sils, Switzerland. She's absolutely great at running up hill in her skis. (It was a prerequisite to using the tow rope - the perfect motivation!)
(8) The view from the children's ski school.


Barrett Bonden said...

As my ski-ing abilities started to decay the great compensation was to watch granddaughter Bella's skills appreciate. At 3½ she was required to pay for her indiscretions by being forced - by the instructor - to side-step up to where she started and do things again. Very quickly she became a super skier and one of my most thrilling memories occurred on a foggy day at Les Deux Alpes when a shadowy figure was identified way up the slope. It was the instructor Carlos (Bella asked if he was really called Carwash) schussing at speed. But where was Bella? The answer arrived when Carlos finally put in a turn and Bella was detected virtually on his rear ski-tips matching him exactly in kph. I wish C well - a wonderful sport with an ever-present sense of the aesthetic.

Oh, belatedly, welcome back. These work-blitzes are as much a burden for me as they must be for you.

Julia said...

This was the first winter we were able to get Caroline out skiing, but thanks to a kind ski instructor and C's uncle (an excellent skier himself) she does a good baby duck impression herself. But I rather wish we could have started her younger -
our nephew just turned 3 and he is astonishing to watch on skis. He has absolutely no fear, and he balances like a top as he zips down a slope. The Southerners in our family watch him with pride and amazement, and regret that we didn't meet skis until we were much older.

Like yours, my work blitzes are self-imposed but necessary. Since I just achieved one of the goals I've been working towards, I'm going to try to take more time to write about non-work related life. Let's see if that resolution passes!

Eleanor said...

At the age of 3 Miss and Master CB were finally toilet-trained.

We were so proud.

OK, I lie. Master CB still had "accidents" until he was 5.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

How cool that your daughter went to ski school! Looks like you've made the best of all kinds of weather.

marja-leena said...

Nice to see you back, have wondered... Skiing is great fun, especially when the children are able to take part, Brings back memories! Love all the photos.

tuckova said...

She's baaaaaack!
I'm glad. I'm looking forward to LOTS more pictures. I love your eye for things.

Ellen said...

That was no simple snow storm that turned you back on the mountain pass. Much more a blizzard! ;) E.g. the kind where small children disappear if not encouraged to move frequently. So glad to see James practicing with his shades...

Ellen said...

And you didn't describe the wolves trek either!

Julia said...

Eee, you're right about the blizzard. Do you have any pictures of our wolf trek to share?

Eleanor said...

Wolf trek? Wolf trek!!!!

Tracy said...

Glad to hear that the snow and the chill are leaving even if the work is ever-present. I am envious of your daughter's skiing ability - it seems like such a fun thing to do.

Rouchswalwe said...

Is it warm enough there to drink delicious Czech beer outdoors yet?