Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Slanted sun September

A quick post in between sneezes.

We didn't venture out of Prague this weekend but we did keep up our walking. Despite its slant, if the sun shines, we want to be out enjoying its efforts.

At the end of September, linden leaves cover the sidewalks [1], but there are still leaves in the massive ash trees that branch above the smaller trees [2].

Caroline and James get all dressed up to go out [3 & center]. After some discussion, C agrees to narrow her bow choice down to one - bow and wearer [6]. James may, or may not, have been relieved.

A gratuitous graffiti picture, recently discovered [4]. And glass bottles in a neighborhood bar [5].

As always, you can click on the picture to see a bigger image. And did you know that the Czech word for sneeze is kýchat ? Oddly apt. Kerchoo!


Barrett Bonden said...

Utterly onomatopoeia (Gosh, had to check the spelling on that one) I'd say. And thanks for reminding us all about Prague's utterly superior graffiti; as I've said before these works of art take time and I'm suprised the artists aren't interrupted by the forces of law and order. Or possibly it's the cops who are the artists.

Look after that sneeze. Remind yourself of the underlying meaning of Ring-a-ring-a-roses and especially the last line: Atchoo! Atchoo! We all fall down.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Those girls in those colors! Polka dots! Stripes! Adorable!

lizardek said...

SO cute with the curls and bows! :D

Lynn said...

Ha - reminds me of all of the unsolicited hairdos I've been getting lately, courtesy of a certain four-year-old!

(That tree is spectacular!)

Ellen said...

Glad to see James joining Julian in the cross-dressing... ;)

countrypeapie said...

Love the bow!

Eleanor said...

Oh the joy! Master Commentbox sent much of his second year wearing pink nailpolish and fairy wings.

Still have terrible crush on B. Bonden.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog. I found it recently, and have no idea how I discovered it.

Could you do a post about how you ended up in Prague? The U.S. South seems a long way away from there . . . Do you speak Czech? And how was the adjustment?

I have lived in several countries myself, before landing in the U.S.

Keep writing, and keep posting these amazing photos.

Barrett Bonden said...

Eleanor: I can cure that. I'll post a self-portrait.

Julia said...

Ya'll simmer down now, you hear?

{Posting soon, I promise!}

Lucy said...

Really worth embiggening that one!

One of Tom's grandsons had a very elaborate fantasy at about age 3 that he was really born a girl, on a train on the way to Birmingham. We don't know if he has persisted in this conviction...

Eleanor said...

Barrett Bonden responsed to my commentbox!

Now, listen here Julia, I have just read your commentbox in Badger's blog regarding having read "The Children's Book." Please tell me, should I persevere and continue reading it? I need a bit of a push to keep me going. Thanks!

P.S. Have just received your sketch back from the framer and it's divine. Photo coming soon.

prashant said...

Those girls in those colors! Polka dots! Stripes! Adorable!
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