Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Conversations with Caroline

Words you never thought you’d hear from a 4 year old
I’ll hang out here, you take a nap.

Thoughts on knit pants
C: Ahh, teplaky. I like teplaky....they are for home.
M: Just for home?
C: Yep. For home.

*Teplaky is the Czech word for knit pants. They are considered house clothing, something to change into when you get home, to save your good clothes for later.

Compare and contrast
I like chocolate and bread, you like chocolate and bread...
I like pink and you like pink.
You like showers, and I like baths.
You like naps. Not me.


Ellen said...

And did you follow her advice on the nap???? (Would be interesting to see what the next moves were ;))

Julia said...

I took her at her word and fell asleep straight away. She, of course, proceeded to get out every single puzzle and small toy she owns and spread them around quite widely, but at least no water or other liquid was involved in the mess!

Karla said...

Just what sort of knit pants are these teplaky? Most knit pants don't even belong in the home, let alone elsewhere. But there are exceptions.

Julia said...

Not knit as in hand knit, but knit as in the soft material t-shirts are made of. It is great for kids' clothing as really easy to wash, but C is getting snobby about it.