Monday, September 25, 2006

Morning poem

Though I admire the morning and wish it most well, I prefer to greet it after a shower or at least a hot cup of coffee and fifteen minutes worth of waking up in front of the New York Times. When I told Will I was going to try my hand at writing a morning poem, following's lead, he said, "Good thing 'grrr grrr grrr' rhymes." He’d just delivered me a cup of tea so I didn’t hold it against him. Plus I’d already written the poem. For a precis, see grrr grrr grrr.

A Scrabble morning
"Draw the blinds", she said and
Craned her neck to view the ashen sky,
thinking - Victorian phrases,
that's what I'm left with.
What are the words for today?
"Stunned by sleep", "bitter", "sore"...

I slide those tiles from the table,
no points won,
stretch my pajammed legs and
pad to the kitchen for coffee.


Ellen said...

Have you been reading AS Byatt again? ;)

Julia said...

No but she is a good author for the fall don't you think?

Ellen said...

Actually, good idea. Maybe it's time to find Possession and read it again... or try to tackle A Virgin in the Garden (again). Which would you be thinking of?

Julia said...

Still Life is my favorite but I liked Possession even better the second time. Virgin in the Garden is definitely worth reading all the way through.

Who else do you think of reading again, come fall?

Ellen said...

Oh NO, just realised you have both Still Life and Possession - arghy. I'd say that Maisie Dobbs is a good autumn read (always that English fog and tea) - hmmm, also Agnus Gray is surprisingly perfect for fall (or really - ANY Bronte).