Monday, March 20, 2006

A Lada Winter? Come, Spring

Josef Lada sledding sceneIt’s easy to agree that it has been a long long winter here in Prague. A few weeks ago we flew off to more southern parts, hoping that by the time we came home again the snow would be gone for good and spring in its place. Instead, we barely missed the biggest snowstorm of the winter and flew home on a plane packed with people who had missed their flights the day before and were ready to remove themselves from the hard comforts of JFK even if they had to arm wrestle for a seat. There was a collective sigh of relief when Smetana burst out of the loud speakers as we landed in Prague and I thought that, perhaps finally, someone on the plane might start smiling. Then I looked out the window at the snow drifts and decided our fellow passengers might have a point.

In commiserating over the winter last week, at least three of our Czech friends (and Radio Prague) pointed out to me Jaromir Nohavica’s new song now available on his website. "Ladovska Zima", or "Lada Winter", invokes the beauty of an old fashioned winter as illustrated by Josef Lada (children on sleds, quaint and beautiful views) and then teases and fusses along with us, will it ever be over, enough is enough already with this white mess (bílé svinstvo). You can download the song from the nohavica website, here. It sounds even sweeter now that the sun has melted most of the "svinstvo" away.

Oh, and if you noticed the template change - Blogger is messing with their system apparently and the result is playing havoc with my old template. I'm going to hold onto this one for a bit before I try to switch back, or update to something new, it is time for spring cleaning after all!.

Josef Lada image courtesy of Radio Prague.


morskyjezek said...

Hi Julia, the new template seems fine to me. I was just talking with a Czech friend about this Nohavica song yesterday. I had no idea it became so popular so quickly. Anyway, it sounds quite funny and is easier to appreciate now that the sludgy parts are gone - at least in Brno, though I think the dreariest parts of winter are just beginning in the mountains. I assume the song title refers a bit ironically to Lada the illustrator?

Julia said...

Good point Jesse and I actually meant to add a Josef Lada illustration of exactly that type of sledding scene that Mr. Nohavica sings about. Better late than never!