Monday, August 15, 2005

There's grody and then there's grody (or, dinner conversation with a two year old)

Remember to chew and swallow. No more bites until you’ve finished that mouthful.
Head nod, then C carefully extracts chewed up pork from her mouth and places it delicately on plate.

Oh grody! Don’t do that! You’ve got to swallow your food, not spit it out. Please please just eat small bites. Look, watch mommy.
I eat my tomatoes, C eats her tomatoes

Yum, that’s the way, use your fork and eat the tomatoes. One-at-a-time.
C clears her plate, except for the pork lump.
“Yum” says C.

Super, are you finished now?
C shakes her head no and picks up chewed pork.
“Grody” she adds.
C pops pork into mouth.

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